Apply for a JOB,survey form Jimmy B

Passed the test, heading for my next assignment
product landing page!
grtz Jimmy B

Looks good, @jimzy, keep it going! Effective and clean form, colors have good contrast, basic fonts that work well.

But I wouldn’t be me if I just left it at the good things. I have to make my creative criticisms. In your case, it’s largely only one: You got a bad case of divitis. Your form could be less than a quarter of the length it is now, and look and function exactly the same.

Not saying to go back and re-do it, but as you get further along in your coding journey, and you go to put this into your portfolio? I strongly suggest you cut out the page bloat.

At that point (NOT TODAY!!!), come back to this page. Look at the HTML code with a little more seasoned eye. Consider things like “semantic tags”, or using a grid layout. Things you will learn along the way, and as you get more comfortable, things that will make you a much more sophisticated programmer.

Hey snowmonkey ,
Thanks for your creative criticisms. :ok_hand:
Whill keep in mind with next project.