Apply for jobs that I'm not near?

I live in a relatively dry area tech wise. I would like to relocate. Would a hiring manager even consider an applicant from out of town, or is it a waste of my time?

P.S. I am comfortable with HTML, CSS, jQuery, Javascript, NodeJS, mongoDB, a little bit of PHP and Python in the mix, too. Learning SQL and React now. Is that realistic to get an entry level position? My gut says yes.


Hiring managers in IT often hire people who aren’t local. Usually, though, this doesn’t apply to entry-level jobs. However, solid skills and a compelling portfolio could make the difference, as would a willingness to relocate (probably at your own expense for an entry-level position).

I assumed it would be at my own expense. Definitely willing to do so.

Not all jobs will offer to cover relocation expenses and you’d have to figure out the logistics of travelling to interview. Larger companies will both take care of the interview travel and lodging and offer relocation benefits. For smaller companies, you might want to be explicit about your desire to move.

Companies are increasingly doing remote interviews via phone and computer, where you use your camera and microphone so you can see each other (blanking on the current term for that - all I can think of is “videophone”). Some use them for screening interviews prior to flying you out for a final interview; others use it as their final round or only interview. If the company doesn’t suggest it, you can.

I’ve been hired over the phone before - no video, just regular phone calls. This was for contract jobs, but contract work can lead to job offers.

By the way, expenses related to job hunting, such as travel expenses to get an interview (flight, rental car or taxi, hotel, meals) are tax deductible.