Apply Functional Programming to Convert Strings to URL Slugs --- global variable test not passed

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global variable is not changing in the console, but it keeps on telling me that it is changing, I’ve tried searching similar topics, but no use. is this a problem with the freeCodeCamp itself?

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// the global variable
var globalTitle = " Winter Is  Coming";

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function urlSlug(title) {
  //return title.split(/\W/).filter(x => x!="").join("-").toLowerCase();
  return title.split(/\W/).filter((obj)=>{
    return obj !=='';
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var winterComing = urlSlug(globalTitle); // Should be "winter-is-coming"

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The code after // is what I have written , and the other solution below that is given by the freeCodeCamp itself. well both are similar…

learn-freecodecamp-org --> javascript-algorithms-and-data-structures --> functional-programming --> apply-functional-programming-to-convert-strings-to-url-slugs.

Can’t post the link, Sorry :frowning:

Are you sure you don’t have manually changed the global variable by mistake?

the extra space at the beginning looks suspicious:

var globalTitle = " Winter Is  Coming";

Your code looks correct, it may just be the global variable itself to be “wrong” :slight_smile:

Stop using var ! :slight_smile:

Go see MDN documentation :slight_smile: about let and const

Yeah, thanks, My bad :sweat_smile:
I was testing other test cases, so i changed it.