Applying for a job. Need help with "exporting" my projects

What would be the best way to “show off” my JS algorithms? Should I post them on GitHub or maybe some other way?

Same question for the front-end projects. Should I just leave a link of my codepen profile or is there some other way?


you could gove them the link to your FCC account if you want to - by cliking your avatar in the corner you will be taken to an overview page which you can link to.

The rest of your projects could go into the portfolio you created at the begining, in which you could also have links to your various accounts.

Perhaps GitHub Gists for algorithms? I would agree that for the algorithms directing them to FCC might be simplest. I don’t know how likely it is an employer will check your algorithms anyway, they will probably only check the projects.

I am also curious if a link to a CodePen profile is ‘legit’ enough? I have seen people that build a page on GitHub pages and host all their projects there. Probably not a bad idea.

I personally would probably yank out a few that are your best examples and host them on your site, then link to CodePen with a ‘see more on CodePen’ button or similar. I find it unlikely that an employer or recruiter is going to check out more than 3 or 4 projects, but I don’t know and could very well be wrong.