Appreciate your feedback on my Build a Tribute Page project

Hi guys,

I’d really appreciate your feedback on my Build a Tribute Page project.
If someone has a moment to have a look, here the link:
Tribute page

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Looks Good. Are you not running tests on your site ???

However, you may fix the small glitch here:

Porsche 911 should be bit down & centered on smaller screen, i feel.

The quote at the top (“And suddenly…”) looks odd to me, like it’s too long for that font and the restricted space.

Why does the timeline sometimes include the month and sometimes doesn’t? It looks inconsistent. Also, when it hits 1978-1989 the dates start to wrap. (I’m on a laptop with a big browser window.)

The Wikipedia link looks odd dangling at the end of the sentence. It should be incorporated more organically into the sentence and possibly formatted differently (e.g., just a simple text link).

Those minor quibbles are all I could come up with to criticize. The page looks fantastic. And hurrah for a “back to top” link which I hardly see anymore. I miss those!

Really nice job. :+1:

Thanks for your feedback!
Sorry, I quite new to all the web stuff.
Could you please let me know what meant by ‘running tests on your site’?
I did the design in DW, tested it in Chrome, EDGE and Firefox, then ported it to Codepen.

Thanks heaps for a very constructive feedback!
Those are all valid points. And I was a bit iffy myself about putting the months in. :slight_smile:

Checkout the

You may test your page for usage of user stories mentioned therein by including testing script.

Awesome! Thanks for the hint.
Somehow, I didn’t notice the link to the CodePen template and ignored the bundle.js link.

I think the page looks really nice and clean. There is just minor stuff that I would recommend. Someone else mentioned the months being weird since sometimes they are there and sometimes not. You don’t have any overlapping years, so I would definitely just remove the month.

In terms of responsiveness, the header collapses into a column and looks jumbled starting at about 1000px. Theres enough room for it to flow over at least a little more, but you might want to look at containing it all in the header and splitting it onto another row for smaller screens.

Also, the years split into new rows at about 1000px too. It seems like there is enough for them to stay on the same line even on mobile devices, so you may just need to lengthen the container its in. I didnt look at the code so I am not sure how they are separated. You said you are new, so I think its a great attempt. The layout is interesting and its a pretty bland assignment so A+ in creativity imo.

Thanks so much! I really appreciate that.
Gonna fix the bugs over the weekend :slight_smile: