Appreciative of tips for improving - take a gander at muh project pages

I get the feeling that I’m already picking up some bad habits. The things I make seem to come out…“pretty”(?)…I guess, but I seem to have some redundant CSS. I think this stems from my “code-as-you-go” approach. Basically, what I’ll do is throw together the HTML (takes no time at all, really) and then spend countless hours styling each and every single element using what feels like absolutely all of the CSS. The first link is to the Tribute page, the second is for the Portfolio page.

Tribute Page:

Portfolio Page:

Muchos gracias and what-have-you

I think those pages look great. Excessive use of CSS can be problematic as it can make your page more resistant to change (i.e. you delete a style rule only to find that that element is still being styled somewhere else.

What could help with this would be learning a CSS preprocessor like SASS or LESS. This will allow you to store certain styles in variables and then reuse those variables throughout your code so that when you change a style once, it changes everywhere. They will also allow you to nest style rules inside one another, so that your styles can mirror the hierarchy of your HTML.

Overall, while ‘overstyling’ your pages can be problematic, IMO there are far worse habits that you could be picking up.

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Thank you for the advice; I think I’m going to take up SASS and maybe work on using a bit more Bootstrap to make my pages a bit more responsive; I appreciate the feedback.