Apprehensive About Claiming JS Certificate

So I just finished the FCC Javscript projects. (Yay!) I see where I can claim the certificate, but I’m a little apprehensive about doing so. I know my code is not perfect, especially since I didn’t write any comments. Does this really matter? Will the solutions be saved here forever for potential employers to find one day? (Though they probably won’t care about these projects since by then I’ll hopefully have more recent and polished things in my portfolio.)

Is it worth spending the time to polish the code, or should I just claim the certificate and move on to bigger things?

I’m just afraid of committing to my current solutions I guess…

  1. I doubt employers will go thru each project you did on FCC line by line.
  2. You can polish code for your own sake, but odds are no one will care to much about it. (even yourself in the future)
  3. No solutions are perfect, I do recommend taking note of what you can improve on for the next project, but don’t ever get into the mode of “making things perfect”.
  4. The certificate isn’t worth much, its the experience that you gained going for that certificate that matters. You can consider the certification a badge of gaining some experience, but its the experience that gets you the job. The projects you built, and experience you gained are more important than the certification.

Don’t get hung up to much on the specifics of things. Experience is experience, and experience is what employers care about.
There are plenty more certs and projects to complete, and much more to learn. Keep at it and move on, you can improve upon your previous approaches in newer projects while still learning new things :smile:

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Great advice, thanks! Yes I did take notes of things I can improve. I guess I have perfectionist tendencies, which aren’t always a good thing!