Approximately how much JS do I need to get familiar with to understand full stack web dev?

My end goal is to reach an understanding of the language (JS) to the level that I could contribute to Open Source projects.

I’ve finished HTML, CSS and JS Basics and have built a few projects with them. Last night, I was learning about the REST API and found it considerably hard to even make some decent API requests from JS.

Topics that I’m familiar are Functions, common Data structures, Loops and handling the DOM.

I’m currently learning about ES6 and later plan on to move towards OOPS concepts. What do you think? Please take a look at this site and suggest which topics are very important:

A common problem with learning code is that people equate knowing syntax (“how much JS I know” ) with coding proficiency and problem solving skills (“what I can do with code”).

You’ll need to be fluent with the language in practice and in concept.

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The Introduction to the JSON APIs and AJAX Challenges might help a bit (with the API stuff).

But I would suggest you branch out for more information, fCC can’t cover everything in depth. Look at MDN, read some articles and watch some YouTube videos.

Fetch API
async function
YouTube: Using an API

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