Aprendiendo a programar

Hola compañeros del gremio, empezando de nuevo en el curso de programación, para mí ha sido un poco difícil entender la lógica de los algoritmos, pero me llama mucho la atención, sé que es un mundo lleno de muchas oportunidades y quiero sobresalir como mujer en el área de Sistemas.


Algorithms are hard, they take time. Most people don’t understand them intuitively, especially once you get past the easy ones. But if you put in the time, you will learn them. Each one you learn makes the others easier.

Also remember that algorithms aren’t the most important things in programming (depending on what type of programming you end up doing). For most of us, they come up from time to time and you find a good solution and if that isn’t good enough you search for a better one. But they are a good way to exercize that portion of the “coder brain” and do come up on interviews so they are good to learn. But they take time, so don’t get frustrated.

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