April 2018 fCC Cohort - JavaScript Algorithms and Data Structures

The topic is in the first post. :slight_smile:

hi! I’d like to join this cohort. Thanks!

I’d like to join! Thanks.

yes i’d like to join

Fashionably late to the party! I would like to join this, please!

I wasnt able to edit the first post! can you add my name please! :grinning:

Just opted in. After a long time I have come back again :sunglasses::sunglasses::sunglasses:

Gigahood…Please add me to the cohort

The new topic has been created:

I included all of the resource links from the previous cohort topic since I think many of them (with the possible exception of the regular expression links) will likely apply to these sections as well. :sunny:

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can you add me to this?

I am in- part time!! Harrie

For those of you who added your username to the member list above, are you watching/following along with the current topic?

If so, share some thoughts about those sections and/or your code. :sunny:

Also, where is everyone in the curriculum? Are we moving too fast? Too slow?

I personally have worked ahead and probably won’t need 3 months to complete this certificate, but I’d hesitate to recommend we go at a faster pace in general lest we lose some people along the way. Deadlines are great motivators to keep on top of progress, but if they’re coming too fast it’s easy to just give up if you’re not keeping pace.

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Totally fallen behind in this. I started a 16-week software developer bootcamp and had three weeks of precourse work and have just finished my first week. We have started off learning ruby with TDD. I have finished the weekend homework so I am going to go back to this today and tomorrow.

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if you can, buy yourself the “https://www.udemy.com/coding-interview-bootcamp-algorithms-and-data-structure/

and spend some time after your bootcamp studying for these. It is fantastically well explained and you will enjoy it a lot

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Hi there although i am late for this. Please add me in ! . I would love to take challenges to improve.

I personally am already doing data structures and algo in c++ for school. Having more practice in solving challenges will be great =D

The new topic for the next part of the cohort is here:

Bookmark and follow that topic so you can keep up with the cohort discussion.

There are a lot of challenges/projects to complete in 30 days. It comes to about one challenge per day and maybe two days per project. Come back to the forum with your questions often in order to stay on track.

When we’re finished here, we’ll successfully have completed the required projects to receive the JavaScript Algorithms and Data Structures certificate!

Good luck! :sunny:

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There’s a poll open asking whether we should keep the same deadline for part 3 or push it back:

Discussion Questions and Resources for Part-3 of the April 2018 Cohort (Intermediate Algorithm Scripting and Javascript Algorithms and Data Structures Projects

I’m sharing the link to the poll here in case anyone missed it in the other topic. :sunny:

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The deadline for Part 3 is almost here. For anyone looking at this in the future, for reference, there are a lot of solutions and discussion about the solutions in the Discussion, Questions, and Resources for Part 3 of the April 2018 Cohort (Intermediate Algorithm Scripting and JavaScript Algorithms and Data Structures Projects) topic.

I’m not going to facilitate another cohort in the near future. Thank you to everyone for providing feedback and discussion!

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