(Archived - out of date) Guidelines and Rules for Wiki Articles

Welcome to the wiki section of the forum.

We invite you to use, improve, and create new ones as you see fit. It is a great way to contribute to our community.

We welcome anything relevant to software development, from tutorials to conceptual overviews to practical advice.

Anyone with Trust Level 1 (which you’ll get automatically after hanging out reading articles for about an hour) can edit and create wiki post.

Our moderators will edit, delete, or re-categorize anything that violates our Code of Conduct. or doesn’t belong in the wiki section (such as questions or challenges solutions).

How to create a wiki article

  1. Create your topic as you normally would
  2. Click on the post’s “…” menu, and select “Make Wiki”
  3. Send a private message to @Rafase282 to let him know you created an article and ease the transition of the ownership change
  4. Please avoid writing in the first person, and don’t sign the article or promote yourself via links. Don’t worry - your authorship will be preserved as part of the article’s version history.


  1. Why do I need to change ownership of the article to @camperbot?
    It helps us better track changes to the article, and prevents any vandalism of an article from reflecting poorly on its original author. It also gives everyone a public place where they can track wiki activity.

  2. How do I transfer ownership?
    @Rafase282 will eventually do this for you, but if you have a moment, send him a message to speed things up.