Are autocompletion snippets bad for JS beginners?

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So we’ve been arguing among the team about exactly that, and can’t come to a conclusion.

Some think autocompletion per se, without snippets, is OKAY for beginners and will help them make sense of methods and classes. But snippets might make them skip over fundamentals/basics.

Some think autocompletion, including code snippets, will fast-track their development in the beginning and give them the confidence they need to persevere.


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Would still love to hear what devs think about the issue, so thanks for keeping it up! :bowing_man:

I can make arguments for or against.

My argument against auto-completion is that I think that a lot of fundamentals are really ground in through the act of typing each quote, curly-brace, and semicolon. We all run into errors where our brackets got mismatched or our code blocks got confused. If they are always generated automagically it can be a lot harder to identify the problem. Going one step further, many syntax-aware editors will do even richer code-completion by suggesting method names etc, and will conveniently tell you what arguments it expects. Does building the habit of typing the first few letters of a method name and hitting tab interfere with newbies’ learning or is it just the way things really work? ¯\_(ツ)_/¯

On the other hand, I see new students get extremely frustrated by typos and misspellings. Without the experience to identify when an error is caused by a typo, they can get completely derailed by them. Editors with autocompletion can help avoid these.

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