Are frameworks necessary?

I have a question for the dev here. After learning a programming language, is it necessary you learn the frameworks?

frameworks make certain things much more easier, once you want to do projects of a certain complexity, yes they become necessary.

If you want to be hired, at least one framework is necessary

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To me it’s like asking if you really need a spread sheet or will a calculator and a piece of paper work. Sure, for somethings in may not matter. For really small jobs, the spreadsheet may be overkill. But if you get a certain level of size and complexity, the spreadsheet is going to become absolutely necessary.

…is it necessary you learn the frameworks

What do you mean by “the frameworks”? Do you mean all the frameworks?

I will assume we are talking about web development - what FCC focusses on. In this context you are usually talking about React, Angular, maybe Vue. Do you have to learn them all? Good god no! But if you want to work in that field, it’s going to make you a lot more employable if you learn one.

If you are talking about something else, more details would help.


If you’re asking in the context of jobs, yes learning frameworks may be a requirement for most jobs.

Oftentimes most jobs follow a similar pattern of work, that they use some sort of framework. Knowing how to wield this framework correctly usually helps with your job. For example in web development knowing how to use React is required to build modern UIs and leverage all of the React related ecosystem, from design systems, helpers, API’s, etc. Furthermore if you know React and your co-worker knows React, you can both work on the same tasks together, and be interchangable.

On the flip side if you don’t know any frameworks, only the underlying language, you will have to pick up how “React does things”. The only advantage is if you need to build your own solution from scratch. This has its own advantages, as you can purpose build your solution to the task at hand. However, this also means you have 0 reference, 0 help, 0 eco-system and 0 “pre-onboarding” help when it comes to hiring.

So this is why most companies pick a framework, as it does a lot of the job for them, and often times is already optimize for the problem at hand.


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