Are freeCodeCamp lessons complete guides

Hi guys,

I’m completely new to the FreeCodeCamp website and I’m thinking about taking the JavaScript curriculum to improve my JavaScript skills and to eventually learn React.

I’ve been looking around a little bit, just to understand how the curriculum is structured and, in particular, I looked at the reduce method ( just because I was reading about the topic on another website.
I noticed that this lesson briefly mentions the filter and map methods (in comparison) and then, without explaining how to use the reduce method or saying what the method is used for, or even linking to other resources to learn about it, jumps into the exercise. But I am clueless about the method!! (well, I would if I hadn’t read about it a little elsewhere :slight_smile: )

So I got thinking, maybe these lessons are not complete courses? In other words, they don’t teach everything there is to know about JavaScript like a course or manual?
Some clarification would be very useful in order to decide if I should undertake the task or look elsewhere for a complete reference / course.

Many thanks in advance!

If you want a complete description of a method you should check the documentation (example, MDN)

FreeCodeCamp will let you familiarise with the syntax, with some methods, with algorithm solving - no course can teach you everything about a language, but it can give you a base from where to start

You can try to see if FreeCodeCamp can be useful for you, or search somewhere else

They are more complete than they used to be, when I first was going thru the courses (legacy certs) there was no React , an external node and mongo tutorial that were pretty crummy , no redux , etc…,
Today, we have a lot more material to accommodate the learning of the above topics, so completion is a process that will never reach 100%, no teaching material is a 100% complete, so I say just dive in and challenge yourself, seek other material to fill in the gaps, ask questions when you are stuck and remember that researching and finding solutions is a big part of any technical / scientific endeavor. Best of luck

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Thanks a lot for your answers guys. I appreciate it.

Ok, I will have a look to see if these lessons are what I am searching for. Ultimately I got curious about the fact that the lesson (at least that lesson in particular) was asking me to do an exercise and write down code including the reduce array method without giving me any clue about how to use that method! :smiley:


Many of the challenges’ “Get a hint” pages will include links to documentation or other resources to help explain concepts that FCC might not dive into. It’s not comprehensive, but that’s ok, because I think one of the most important skills you can learn is how to seek out answers from a variety of resources. Good luck!

Thanks a lot for your input as well! :slight_smile: