Are my solutions elegant enough?

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So I passed this challenge and noticed, that I seem to often use ways to approach the tasks in a way that is too complicated/not really elegant.
I mean, it seems to work so far, however I am just a bit unsure about wether my solutions are too complicated and if so, wether I can do something about that aside from practice and looking at other solutions.

Thanks for your help!

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function titleCase(str) {
  str = str.toLowerCase();
  let words = str.split(" ");
  let result = "";

  for (let i = 0; i < words.length; i++) {

    let newEnding = words[i].replace(/^[a-z]/, "");
    result += words[i][0].toUpperCase() + newEnding + " ";
  return result.replace(/\s$/, "")

titleCase("I'm a little tea pot");

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Challenge: Title Case a Sentence

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Welcome, michael.

Your code has been blurred out to avoid spoiling a full working solution for other campers who may not yet want to see a complete solution. In the future, if you post a full passing solution to a challenge and have questions about it, please surround it with [spoiler] and [/spoiler] tags on the line above and below your solution code.

Thank you.

The first step is always to get solutions that work. Working and ugly is better than not working and pretty. From there you can revisit, refactor, and improve.


Thank you, sorry about that! I will make sure to do that in the future!

I’m glad to hear that :D. Thank you!