Are one of the reasons you want to become a developer is because you feel like its the only job profession thats a good fit for you

Like I am unemployed now and technically got laid off, but i think that being a software developer that I can tolerate. I don’t want any other jobs because the job positions I tended to have in the past tended to be work environments that I didn’t like. They tended not to value me as much as a worker, I wasn’t paid what I think I’ve should have been paid , and I tended not to last at these jobs as long over something superfluous. I like being paid more , I like learning all the time and I like solving problems, even if they are frustrating . Thats why I am solely applyinig for software developer jobs now? Anyone else feel this way too?

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Hi @noblegas87,

If you like continuous learning & problem solving, you will love being a software developer :slight_smile:

I think those traits are essential to being a successful developer; you will never know it all, and even if you did, things would change in a few months anyway! Always keep learning.

Good luck & happy coding!

Development is as likely as any other career to have bad work environments, undervalued workers, etc. You’re right though that it involves spending a lot of your time solving frustrating problems.


I have a love hate relationship with coding. I was a software developer for 5 years (1999-2004) before becoming a stay at home dad for 15 years. I kept my hand in the world learning about Mac and iOS development, but it was never a job.

I like the learning, and often the debugging, seriously dislike designing and building software from scratch. (I never feel like I’m doing it correctly).

I’ve recently started learning webdev to see if it is more my thing than straight up software development i’ve done in the past (C/Java/Ruby/Swift/Objective-C).

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I would hope anyone who goes into a profession at least ideally thinks it’s a profession that’s at least somewhat a good fit for them, although obviously in times of desperation, you gotta do what you gotta do.

That said, I do think - and I know a lot of successful friends who work in software development who would say the same thing - that while software development has its massive drawbacks in addition to its benefits, one of the benefits does seem to be that, in the great balance of things it’s one of the careers it’s easier to transition into. Note I said easier, not easy. It’s certainly one of the reasons I’m pursuing it, besides kicking myself for not doing so earlier in life.

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