Are our projects checked?

I only have my projects left in one of my courses, can someone please tell me if my submitted projects will be evaluated?
Thank you!
P. S. Are all certificates of for example html the same value

There are automated tests that you include in your project. Only submit a project that passes all the tests. Not every project is reviewed by a person, but if there are concerns about academic dishonesty, your projects will be reviewed and your certificates may be revoked. Take a look at the Academic Honesty Policy on your settings page for more information.

I do not understand this question.

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Might there be a difference between your certification and mine for example?

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The certifications are the same. Each user has to make their own projects from scratch though.

Ok thank you so much!


Is linking to a github repository acceptable? Personally I preferred solving the front-end libraries projects locally, rather than using CodePen. They can be copied to CodePen, but it can be a hassle sometimes. I passed all the tests, using a javascript plugin (react-fcctest) installed with npm.

Most definitely. You can use github pages so you can provide a link to your working demo. Or there are numerous other free hosting services where you could put your finished product.

This is a FAQ:

Do I have to use CodePen for the front end projects?
As long as your code is publicly viewable somewhere on the internet, and you have a live demo, you can use whatever tools you want.

I will certainly look into github pages, then, so people don’t have to download my rather big create-react-apps. Thank you Jeremy and bbsmooth for your replies.

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Something that would require someone to download your code locally would not be acceptable. There must be a live version of the project. The link must also include access to viewing the code. You can use services like CodePen,, StackBlitz, Heroku, etc. You can also use GitHub pages for some projects. If you are not using a service that easily allows people to view the code, then your project should include an easy to find link to the repository.

Alright, thanks! I have submitted some projects incorrectly, then, but I will fix it soon!