¿Are the Codepen project sites reviewed for a human at some point?

My question is because I have found it a little difficult to make visual improvements in my challenges, due to not being possible to add my own images to pages with the free account and not having a tool for editing code. So, my strategy has been to do very simple pages that pass the tests, and then I am going to download the code and do the “presentation” improvements locally where I have more tools and possibilities, but if someone reviews my challenges in codepen he/she would see very poor pages. Does it make any sense?. What do you think?. Thank you.

Typically, projects are only manually reviewed if there is a concern about violation of the academic honesty policy or code of conduct.

You can add images to your CodePen site as long as they are hosted online somewhere. Similarly, you can use any editor you like if you do not like the CodePen editor.

And, of course, you are welcome to use any platform that you like as long as there is a live version of your site and the code is publicly accessible (and linked in your page if necessary). GitHub Pages and Glitch are popular alternatives to CodePen.


I got my own domain and am hosting with Hostek for 5.99/mo. That way I can upload whatever I want. We can use our own url for submission to projects. We don’t have to use code pen. Because I agree, especially if graphics are required it looks terrible if you can’t upload them. Codepen only allowed me one, and no more using the free version.

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