Are the courses purposefully asking to solve steps with concepts never seen previously?

I mean it feels like it’s the third time while going through the course that I saw a task asking me to use some property or concept that wasn’t taught in previous courses. It started to be more obvious on the Questionnaire Building course (had to see the hint to learn about the property used for " removing the underline from the anchor tags." for example) . Is it done on purpose to encourage the habit of searching on google or I did I miss something?
For the first case, cool but it would’ve been great to have some head’s up because it’s almost feels like gaslighting sometimes lol.

Just assume that from now on you need to look up any terms of concepts you are not familiar with. (Or use the hints)

That’s normal.

It’s also very normal for being a programmer. None of the issues I run into at work have a tutorial that comes with them or are necessarily related to problems I’ve encountered before. Part of being a good programmer is being good at looking things us.

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Okay I’ll be careful now.
But still, stuff like getting it wrong for using other units is kind of triggering x)
I guess from now on I’ll have to get used to not getting the satisfaction of getting it at the first try.

I feel you. There is a pro to this though which is that no developer gets the code perfect from the first try, so you are gonna get used to this feeling one way or another.

Yeah, don’t worry about perfection, just keep getting better. Professional coders make mistakes all the time. Last week I spent an hour coding up a function, only to have another developer show me that there was an easier, more reliable way to do it. It happens. Just keep learning.

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