Are there a lot of people who got internship?

Hi there!. I got a question - how many people got that internship in non-commercial organizations(those one who cooperate with freecodecamp)? What kind of organizations are they? What do they do?
Probably, if possible - a list of those organizations? What kind of tasks do they ask you to do?
Is it hard to get in? Thank you!

Oh boy, you should learn something about FreeCodeCamp. Before asking that kind of questions, you should read any post/article/podcast about FreeCodeCamp and its curriculum. I bet it would answer all your questions.

If you like podcasts - Here you’ll find not only answers to all your questions, but much more :slight_smile:

PS These are not internships. You work pro bono for people in need to help them and build your self portfolio at the same time.

Cheers :slight_smile:

Thank you. Now it’s clear=)