Are there any good guides on how to use the firefox debugger?

I’m trying to use the firefox debugger for the first time and I’ve been reading their guide on how to use it here,_modify,_and_watch_variables . I tried setting break points to see parts of my code, but I had to mess around with it a lot and reload the page to see it work, I’m still not sure how I got it to work and I’m unsure how to do it again without clicking around a bunch of times until it works. I’m trying to see the value of variables now and I’ve been trying to follow their guide and I’m typing in the name of my variables where I’m supposed to, but I’m not seeing them loaded properly. I saw the value of one variable after it was activated in a break point though. If I can’t figure this out I’m going to go back to using console.log, but does anyone know how if there are better guides on how to use this tool?

Never mind, right after I typed this I just tried something and I think I understand how it works enough for what I want to do. Feel free to delete this thread mods.

I would look for some videos on YouTube. If there aren’t any you can PM me and I will give you a guide, or I’ll make a video for YT!!

There aren’t really any good guides on youtube for the firefox debugger. They skip a lot of parts or only show how to use one part of the debugger, most of them just show how to run the code line by line and none of them show the rest of the features of the debugger. If you could make a good guide on youtube I’m sure you’d help a lot of people out.