Are there certain rules for submitting questions?

I’ve had a couple of my questions regarding the projects I’m working on getting closed by a couple of users. Am I not allowed to ask too many questions about a project I’m working on?

It’s best to have one topic per user per challenge/project. Other forum members can provide better help when they have the full context of your work on the given challenge/project.

I see. So, the best thing to do is to start a topic like “Landing Page Project” and everytime I get stuck just reply to the current thread?

Will everybody see it or just the person that replied to the OP?

Your thread will still show up in the appropriate topic as well as under “Latest”. Creating multiple threads for the same topic actually makes it harder for people to help you.

Gotcha. Thanks. What if nobody responds? Can I submit the question again?

I just merged all your topics about your landing page project on a single thread, so all the discussions are in the same topic, I have not deleted or hidden any of the posts

Oh. OK. Thank you.

That makes sense. I appreciate your help.