Are there no entry level C++/Java jobs?

I’ve been trying to get an entry level developer job for over a year now but there seem to be no C/C++/Java entry level jobs, is everything just C#/Web dev now?

Of course not. Unless you are in a less crowded area and unwilling to move, I’d berate your search skills — just put your title in any web search engine and you’ll get plenty of relevant hits.

Techs tend to cluster (it’s easier to hire for), so you tend to get areas with say a lot of C# and areas with say a lot of Java jobs etc… So you may be experiencing that effect. C++ tends to be game dev, so if there aren’t game companies in your area you’ll find it harder to find jobs. I don’t get why if you know Java you aren’t applying for C# positions though? They’re very similar languages, used for the same type of systems, skills are completely transferrable, easy to retrain in. C++ would fit this bracket as well.

C is an extremely useful skill, would be recognised as such. But. I think you would find extremely hard to get a junior role specifically asking for C. If a company is hiring for C, it’s likely going to be for very specific performance-sensitive applications, and the devs working on it really need to know what they’re doing.

I’m guessing that you are running into a regional job market problem. Out here (the greater Denver area) there are definitely entry-level C++ and Java jobs.

A lot of jobs turn up for entry level C++ searches in major US tech hubs - the domains and companies run the gamut - the Bay Area has 267 hits on indeed - NYC has 418 hits