Are these sites created to crowdsource I.A learning?

Hi all.
So I’m a bit skeptical with all these free sites to help people learn to code.
Sites such as this site, frontendmentor and others.
Especially frontendmentor , rings alarms for me. You see all these pages with the same project and off course different, but similar code solutions.

What if we are being used as usesful idiots helping our own coding future demise?
I.A could be accessing all these massive crowdsourced code databases and learning ?

All of these websites existed before the AI mania

We really are humans that believe access to knowledge should be free, at least here at freeCodeCamp.


I’m just a bit distrustful, with all the AI being pushed, that it will replace coding as well.
Guaranteed I’m right sadly.

In what way have you determined that? There have been many threads on this forum with professional developers discussing how this is unlikely.


Oke great. Do you have a link to one such discussion?

I’d start my using the forum search functionality: Search results for '' - The freeCodeCamp Forum

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