Are we restricted to using HTML with our tribute page?


So I’m about to undertake my first FreeCodeCamp project. Only question I have, is that since you had to go through the jQuery lesson, are we restricted to only using HTML for this page? I want to exercise my new jQuery skills that I’ve learned but don’t want to break any rules with this project.



As long as you fulfill the user stories and don’t copy the sample project’s code, the sky’s the limit.


I think it’s even ok to return to your previous projects and rebuild or upgrade them using newly acquired knowledge.


Awesome. Yeah I plan on writing my own code from scratch.

Neat idea. Yeah it would be great to return to previous projects and apply new knowledge that’s been learnt.

That is precisely what I am doing after kinda recreating the example project as best I could. I want to change it up by adding a timeline that expands when you click it. Good luck with yours!

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It is. AFAIK it’s basically required for the “job interview” section to go back and revise and add the stuff you’ve done so potential employers can look at your github stuff.