Are we supposed to attempt to recreate or make our own freeCodeCamp Projects?

Hi, I think I may have had a misunderstanding when it comes to the projects on freeCodeCamp. For the 2 projects and starting the 3rd one in the Responsive Web Design course, I had been trying to make the websites look exactly like the ones from the example. Am I supposed to be creating something different, for myself? Maybe it doesnt matter at the end of the day, but I still want to know. Thanks

The idea is that the examples show all of the required components but you should make your on thing that has the same required components in the code.

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Build your own projects and try to have some fun with it! freeCodeCamp provides some examples, but if you’re looking for inspiration you can also look at the Project Feedback portion of this forum to see what other people have built. I’ve seen tribute pages for historical figures, inanimate objects, and pokemon. As long as it meets all of the requirements and passes the tests, you did it right.


Thank you, sounds good!

I see the tester thing when I open up the project with the sample link they attach with each project. How do you test your own project?

Did you fork the template to create your project or did you create it from scratch?

You can build your project by using this CodePen template and clicking Save to create your own pen. Or you can use this CDN link to run the tests in any environment you like: .

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I hadn’t forked either lmao. I just opened their template and then like you had asked, I created my own from scratch.

should I copy and paste my projects into the template and then resave them?

You don’t have to. You can add the test CDN to your existing project. Go to the pen settings and import that URL

Thank you, i wasn’t sure how I was supposed to be using that link. I appreciate the help!

I’m glad I could help. Happy coding!

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I’m excited to see your projects now that you’ve been nudged to create your own masterpieces

Good luck with the creation :partying_face:

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Thank you for the kind words!

Yeah, especially these first projects aren’t going to get much attention. The later ones, like in the libraries section are a little better. There used to be some fullstack projects but I don’t see those anymore. But yeah, after you finish FCC, you keep building more and more complex apps, learning new stuff along the way. I think that’s what looks good on your portfolio.

You may want to lower your expectations a bit. Such an app is not really a one-man/woman show.

I’d also suggest that what you learn building something is just as important as the final outcome. Building a more complex app even if buggy and broken will still teach you a lot. Not that it’s something you want on your portfolio but the experience will still be valuable.

But I agree that tutorial projects are definitely not the same as something you implement from scratch.

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