Are Wordpress or Drupal worth learning if you are not planning on Freelancing?

Going to be looking for a job in the near future in web development. My current studying focus has been mainly on HTML, CSS, JavaScript, Sass, React, Node, and Express.

What I’m wondering if you think it’s worth it to take time learning CMS frameworks like Wordpress or if they aren’t used as much in professional dev jobs as compared with freelancing?



It all depends on your mid to long term career goals, one’s skillset and experience determines the variety of positions you can avail yourself to.

A large chunk of web sites are based on sort of CMS, be it Wordpress, Drupal, Joomla, etc, so even if you stick to the technologies listed at some or other point there’s a great possibility that you will come across a situation where you’ll need to familiarise yourself with least being able to do styling (theme/templates/plugins/extensions) for a CMS.

If your intention is to avoid them as far as possible, I’d suggest, and assume you did mean so, that you include React-Native in your skillset as well. Which will at least open your career possibilities to the mobile app market as well.


Wordpress is pretty good, I was practicing on it.