Are you a talented developer interested in coming on board?

I work for a mental health tech start-up in London, UK and we might need you!!

I just got a tip from a developer from another start-up in our co-working space to have a look at freeCodeCamp as we put our feelers out for someone with technical skills to join a small team with ambitious tech for good plans.

A specific job role has as yet been undecided. But if you are curious about leading on the creation of a commercial product, in the form of a mental health app, and think you have the passion to ‘muck in’ in all aspects of running a start-up then get in touch with a CV.

Any specific requirements? Are you looking for people in UK? Or is it remote?

You’re looking in the right place

The person will need to have knowledge of Ruby. And yes - we’re looking for people who can work in the office in London.