Are you interested in having a mentor and work in a team of peers?

Hello! , I’m Eslam From Egypt, I don’t know my level at JS, but I know the basics very well cause I studied it many times, and I am learning web developing cause I love web, and I drop out of college, and I hope to be good developer to get a good job.

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Yes , I’m interested and I have just started learning JavaScript and have completed basics of JS, I’m looking forward for this group.
Thank you!
Name: Nandini

This sounds like exactly the kind of thing that I am looking for? Currently a novice at JS (previous python exp.) wouldnt say im a complete noob but from a portfolio perspective i am. looking to get my feet wet with experience creating things! currently finished with the first 3 sections, i am on the “front end libraries” projects working on the random quote machine.
I am learning to code for the versatility! I am an aspiring entrepreneur, and tech seems like the perfect fit for me because I have so many ideas but I don’t have the skills to execute (yet). Programming seems like a very good career/skill path for me because of the beautiful intricacy between left-and-right brain involvement. there’s so much creativity involved yet such a strong need for logical derivation/basically mathematical thinking. I dream to become “fluent” in programming (JS especially due to it’s wide versatility) so I can take my ideas and make them a reality with relative ease. Having peers to grow together with would be ideal since we’d be able to bounce ideas off of each other as we progress. Looking forward to hearing from you.

I would be interested! I’m approaching coding from the front-end design angle; over the past few years I’ve done some fairly basic website design, as well as Wordpress template modifications, with HTML and CSS (and most recently did FCC’s Responsive Web Design certificate to refresh and build on those existing skills), but JavaScript is where I freeze each time – some mental block I’m ready to overcome.

I am at basic level of JavaScript and I am want to learn JavaScript. I am learning coding because I love technology and want to be a front end developer . Add me in your group I will not disappoint you ,looking forward to your reply :slightly_smiling_face:

Hi. I’m Emmanuel and I’ve done c++ and web design but would like to join you team and learn new stuff and codes.

Hi, Nikita!
I’m very interesting your offer and would like to part in.
I know js a little, can solve easy level tasks on
Best regards,

Hi! Thank you for your help and this opportunity.
I’d tried to learn JS by my self but I couldn’t.
I would like be part of this program. I’d like to become developer.

Great Initiative. I would like to join the group to learn JavaScript from basics as i don’t have any previous knowledge of JavaScript. Currently I am working on python. Kindly reply on

Hi. I want to join. Javascript level: somwhere between beginer and intermediate, Curriculumm stage: Intermediate Algorithm Scripting. I want to work at home office.

same here i send you an message in private

hi i’d love to join, i’ve finished the java curriculum but i’m gonna start over since I don’t really understand.

Hullo. How´re you all ? Yes, it´s a wonderful idea. Thank you very much. So long.

Sorry for the late response, could you please count me in cause am on the verge of starting JavaScript (I think JS concepts are very huge)… A man with a lot of experience like you could make a great impact on my coding skill

Am about to start a Javascript section but I do have some knowledge about it.
Why do I want to learn coding? to become a better Software Engineer (ultimate goal), I always found myself so amazed by computer programs and the things they are capable of doing so isn’t that great to be a man who can create them?


I am interested in learning JavaScript. Please include me in ur team

Hey there, am a beginner
And I would like this

Very interested…
I know some HTML CSS JS, and want to learn more and practice in real world projects.
Thanks for considering me if there are any spots left.
Thank for the initiation.

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OK thanks sir, I do the needful now.

Hello i am working in the field and i am interested, Can you pass some information please, thank you