Are you interested in having a mentor and work in a team of peers?
please add me to the group.
i am a total newbie to coding.i hope to go into fintech someday. i dont know why i find html and css boring.
i majored in mathematics.

Looks like there are alot of responses already, however I am interested in this. I have finished my certification in the field and currently working on projects.

Hi Nikita,
I am also a long time professional developer and I’d like to help you out with this initiative. I am primarily a backend dev, with project lead and tech lead experience and a good bit of sdlc and devops thrown in. I’m not sure how the group is going to be run, but if you would like a volunteer to work with you I think it would be interesting, and I like to give back to the open source community by helping other devs as I’ve been helped over the years, via forums, tutorials, open source projects and the like.

Drop me a line if you are interested, and Kudos for trying this out.


I am interested in the mentorship. At a crossroad at the moment need someone to guide me thru in my learning.

For those who are interested in working a group:

I made pelable a free 6-weeks program to build a project with a remote team :smiley:


I want join, how to join that.

hello, I am interested, i have knowledge of basic javascript

I am really looking for a mentor and someone to learn from and bounce ideas off.i want to learn as much as I can quick as I can to get into this new career.

OMFG YES YES YES YES YES!!! Lets pretend I’m a hundred people and they’re ALL SCREAMING AMEN! In other words: YES! Please Sir, Can I have some more… mentoring group stuff!
I haven’t been able to study formally for many reasons - finance being the main reason. Learning by oneself IS possible and what I know today I learnt on my own (for the most part). Unfortunately there are still SO MANY things that I have NO idea how to accomplish - and more than that, as much as my knowledge has increased, I still do not know enough to confidently secure a job which provides the income TO study, in the first place.
If this group is something that we can all be a part of and is done as a kindness (more like a GIFT), to help those who CAN’T, in spite of YEARS of trying, become proficient in the coding/webdev arena, then I wouldn’t only ABSOLUTELY be on board - with bells on - I’d make it a responsibility to involve as many people as I know, who NEED, SO desperately THIS kind of help
When do I start making flyers and sending out invitations? :):stuck_out_tongue::kissing_heart::rofl:
AAAAANNNNNDDDDDD lastly: The BIGGEST possible thank you I can send to the one who is initiating this project - my past bad mistakes and choices have left me with VERY little in this life - HAVING little and BEING little - I have received assistance from people and people who have seen my circumstances HAVE been good to me, trying to help, as they see how my family has simply stood back and watched without offering any REAL support (both me and my sister), but STILL, I’ve never been able to shake myself free - if you, whoever you may be, CAN and WILL do this, then I, on behalf of EVERYONE that I know has had similar, unfair, unpleasant and almost impossible to be free of life-experiences, would like to thank you, from the bottom of my heart for such an act of generosity and kindness.
ps I understand this reply is a bunch more emo than most - but I believe that there are too many people in the same circumstances begging for help and not getting any, but who are too afraid or ashamed of their pasts to speak up - so I don’t mind looking like a suppository, for the greater good - it just so happens to be 1 of the few things I excel at. Peace and Love and 50% markdown on good booze (for those who indulge)… Prolly shudda used a fake persona tho… ah well, we live & learn.

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Hi Dear,

Thanks for this opportunity.
I am interested in joining the team.

Let me know how to get started.


Hello there,
I really think this is very commendable of you. I’m still working my way through the HTML and CCS curriculum but I look fwd to having the opportunity of having a mentor. Currently, I’m using google as my mentor. Once I get to Java I’d like to have someone as a mentor. Great idea.

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I am an intermediate with javascript, have solved data structures and algorithms challenge on freeCodeCamp and would like more practice and learning as well as integrating knowledge into real world projects.

Hi @sherbakov1

i’m very interested and i have knowledge of intermediate JavaScript, I want to practice my knowledge with a real world project, I do a lot of projects in my Github account, here’s my account :,
I started FCC these days, you can see my progress here:, i like it so much !!!
finally i want to join and working with projects, i hope getting a job in the futur !!!

Thanks for this initiative !!!

Yea i’m interested…
my javascript level is basics…

Yes, i will love to have a mentor.

I’m so interested… In JavaScript my level is lower but I want to learn more.

Hi, I am currently in a beginner to intermediate level (as of my understanding). I have been studying frontend and recently started backend code with node.

I would love to be in a team with you as mentor.

Hello, I would love to have a mentor as well , currently learning basic javascript by myself. Self taught here. Let me know! I am interested to work together and get an experience in learning more javascript ! Thank you!

Thanks I am interested

This is what i needed. I have complete All of HTML and CSS part. I am on Javascript Basic algorithm section. My aim is to land my first job as a Web Developer.

I am Super intersted.
Email :