Arguments Optional is going to kill me

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I have no idea where to go from here. This works with the all but the double parentheses arguments.

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function addTogether() {
  const args = Array.from(arguments);
  return args.every((x, y, z) => typeof x === "number" && z.length === 2) 
  ? args.reduce((a, b) => a + b) 
  : undefined;


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I assume you are failing the test case of addTogether(2)(3) and addTogether(2)([3]).

Remember, if there is only one argument provided, you should return a function that expects one argument and returns the sum.

The only call to the addTogether function is represented by addTogether(2). The (3) represents a call to the function you should be returning from the addTogether function. Why? Because 2 is a number and it is a single argument.


Thanks. I was not reading the instructions properly.

Your awesome.