Arguments Optional- Need Help

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function addTogether(a, b) {
  if (a === parseInt(a) && b === parseInt(b)) {

    return a + b;

  else if (b == undefined) {
    return function sumtwoAnd(c) {
      return a + c;



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Instead of returning another function when one of arguments is invalid, you should just return undefined.

You are returning functions even though arguments aren’t valid.

The typeof operator is very useful in this challenge. See for more.

Here is what I could come up with.
function addTogether() {
var arg = […arguments]
var a = arguments[0];
var b = arguments[1];

if (arg.length === 2){
while (typeof a === ‘number’ && typeof b === ‘number’){

return a + b

else if (typeof a !== ‘number’){
return undefined

return function(b) {
  if(typeof b === 'number' && typeof a === 'number')
    return a + b;