Arithmetic _arranger

Hello everyone, I have been working on my arithmetic arranger project for days I don’t know where I got it wrong that cannot pass unit-test, I checked all the condition in my IDE it works fine but fail designated test please help;
the code:

def arithmetic_arranger(problems, display_result=False):
  upper_value = ""
  lower_value = ""
  dashes = ""
  f_result = ""

  if len(problems) > 5:
    return "Error: Too many problems."

  for problem in problems:
    problem = problem.split()
    x = problem[0]
    y = problem[2]
    operator = problem[1]

    if operator not in ['+', '-']:
      return "Error: Operator must be '+' or '-'."

    if len(x) > 4 or len(y) > 4:
      return "Error: Numbers cannot be more than four digits."

      num_1 = int(x)
      num_2 = int(y)
      return "Error: Numbers must only contain digits."

    if operator == '+':
      result = str(num_1 + num_2)

      result = str(num_1 - num_2)

    space = max(len(x), len(y)) + 2
    first = x.rjust(space)
    second= str(operator + y.rjust(space - 1))
    dash = str('-' * len(result)).rjust(space)
    result = result.rjust(space)

    if problem == problems[-1]:
      upper_value += first
      lower_value += second
      dashes += dash
      f_result += result
      upper_value += first + '    '
      lower_value += second + '    '
      dashes += dash + '    '
      f_result += result + '    '

  if display_result:
    arranger = upper_value + '\n' + lower_value + '\n' + dashes + '\n' + f_result
    arranger = upper_value + '\n' + lower_value + '\n' + dashes

  return arranger

console response it too long please check the link below

Ran 6 tests in 0.039s

FAILED (failures=2)
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Challenge: Arithmetic Formatter

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You are not far away from the solution!

  1. I have removed the str from second and dash and adjusted a little.
  2. You have always space at the end of every operation line. Use rstrip() to remove it and you have the solution.
  3. I have adjusted your code according to 1) and 2) and it runs!

Try printing out ‘x’ instead of a space.
This helped me understand why my answer seemed correct but wasn’t.
I faced a similar issue where spaces were printed at the end of each line but I couldn’t see it initially :slight_smile:


help me check at 2