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I cant seem to get the problems side by side, ive look at many articles and I still cant see what I am doing wrong. I know the code is correct, besides the fact that the problems do go side by side

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def arithmetic_arranger(Mproblems, solver= False):
    fnum_list = ''
    operators_list = ''
    snum_list = ''
    lines = ''
    solution = ''

# Limiting the problem to just 5
    if len(Mproblems) > 5:
        print('Error: Too many problems.')
    for problems in Mproblems:
        problems = problems.split()
        fnum_list = problems[0]
        operators_list = problems[1]
        snum_list = problems[2]
#Check if its a digit & Check the length of number is not greater than 5
        if fnum_list.isdigit() and snum_list.isdigit():
            if len(fnum_list) > 4 or len(snum_list) > 4:
                print('Error: Numbers cannot be more than four digits.')
#Checking + or - only
            if operators_list == '+':
                solution = int(fnum_list) + int(snum_list)
            elif operators_list == '-':
                solution = int(fnum_list) - int(snum_list)
                print('Error: Operator must be + or - ')
#Defining the distance
        distance = max(len(fnum_list) , len(snum_list)) + 2
#Structure of Math problems
        topnum = str(fnum_list.rjust(distance))
        botnum = str(operators_list.ljust(0)) + ' ' + str(snum_list.rjust(distance - 2))
        solution_line = str(solution)
        lines = '-' * distance
#Chekcing solver
    if solver:
         solution = topnum + "\n" + botnum + "\n" + lines + "\n" + solution_lin
         return solution
        solution = topnum + "\n" + botnum + "\n" + lines
        return solution

arithmetic_arranger(["32 + 698", "3801 - 2", "45 + 43", "123 + 49"])

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Challenge: Arithmetic Formatter

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Arithmetic Formatter - Replit
Here is the proper layout of the code

Arithmetic Formatter - Replit

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As you use these variables in your final result, you need to keep adding to these variables during each iteration

Did you solve your problem? your ‘operations’ have too much ‘\n’

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