Arithmetic Formatter Project-user input?

I built the code to accept user input…it asks and displays it correctly, but i don’t think that’s the point. Can someone tell me how I am supposed to know if they’re asking for a user’s input or am i supposed to make up random numbers? I built it in atom, and have no idea how to run the tests…are there instructions somewhere on how to do that?

None of the Python projects on freeCodeCamp require manually handling user input. Function should accept specific argument or arguments, but where from are values for these arguments is not a concern of the project. Tests are using some example arguments to check whether function returns expected value.

Generally, to run tests for Arithmetic Formatter, you need to have pytest testing framework installed in your environment, and either run file with python or by running pytest. I’d suggest trying to use replit, as it limits the additional complexity required for running tests to pressing just single button.

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The project files on replit include specific test cases as well as expected solution and assert the differences.
Everything present in the files of the project, so you might wanna look through those.

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