[Arithmetic Formatter] Spacing problem

Hello guys,
I am new to FreeCodeCamp() and the forum.
I am taking the Scientific Computing with Python course and i have an issue with the Arithmetic Formatter.

I think i solved the problem but the still I am getting errors from the replit test.
I checked similar previous post and I understood the problem is related to presence of spaces that the test doesn’t want, but i dont’ understand why.

Here is a link to my code (i hope it’s accessible/visible to you):
Arithmetic Formatter

Can you please help me understading what I am doing wrong and why?
Thanks a lot

it looks like you have an extra space after the dashes for the last equation.

Uhm, but do you see where is the mistake in the code?
I think i handled “correctly” the last problem/equation…

looking at it again the ‘space’ i saw may be a newline. I noticed that you have a newline after the last line and that may be the issue (so try to not output a newline on the very last line)

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Thanks a lot!
That was the issue: my bad.


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