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my name is Adam, I am total beginner to Python and I trying to get practice in Python.
I am now struggling with the Arithmetic Formatter Project. I think I am on the right way but it keeps returning errors. As I am not familiar with the unit testing at all, I kindly ask you for a support, where should I do the changes in the code.
I would be really appreciated for any help.
Link here:
Thank you very much.

Hello! Welcome to the community :partying_face:!

  1. Problem: indentation. On, it tells you where the problem is so you can fix it (select the code and then press Shift + Tab to remove a level of indentation).

  2. The continue keyword. The continue keyword skips the current iteration and proceeds to the next. In essence, you’re skipping every iteration that’s not an error.

  3. The next shouldn’t be an issue, but the unit tests are a little strict. When an operator, other than + or -, is used, then you need to return Error: Operator must be '+' or '-'. instead of Error: Operator must be "+" or "-". (single vs double quotes, see? Hard to spot).

thank you for the welcome.
I have checked the indentation and I did some adjustments but still the output is wrong.
I am kinda stuck right now as I do not see what to change in order to pass.
Could you please have a look again onto it?
Link is the same.
Thank you very much.

I checked, and you fixed the issues above, but now your problem is that you’re not doing anything with arranged_problems except replacing the results (instead of appending), which turns out to be just the last problem.

Use this tool to see what exactly your code is doing:

Hope it helps :slight_smile:!