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I am asked to create an array “yourArray” that contains 5 elements .Now the problem is do i have to put all of those things in an object

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myArray = [1, true, “john”]

let yourArray; // Change this line

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Challenge: Use an Array to Store a Collection of Data

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Hi @ahmadminam22 !

Welcome to the forum!

You don’t need to include an object in your array if you don’t want to.

As long as you have a number, boolean and string the other two data types are up to you.

Also, making sure your are creating your array here

and not adding an extra line of code like this

You need to declare myArray. So you will need to use let or const.
For example

let exampleArray = [1,  {name:  'tom',  age: 24}, false, 5]

You cannot just do

exampleArray =  [1,  {name:  'tom',  age: 24}, false, 5]

You will get an error as example array is not defined.

I don’t think the OP needs to create myArray at all.
The challenge has already provided them with an array

let yourArray; // Change this line

There is not need to create another one. :grinning:

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