Array() gives you?

function a(array){
	return Array(array.length);


the above snippet gives me this result:

[ , , ,] a.k.a 3 an array with 3 empty space that is waiting to be filled in.

so Array(3) means make an empty array that has 3 elements inside it, is that correct?

I rarely learn so much from answering a question. My first thought was "he should be calling the Array constructor by using new Array(3). Does his code even work? I tested it, and I couldn’t get it to fail. According to this answer on StackOverflow, calling the Array constructor as a function without new works because it’s in the specification.

So, yes. The following two pieces of code will create an empty array with 3 elements in it:

new Array(3);
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thank you. I was doing this tutorial online and could not understand the snippet in it,.

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Also, if you could, mark my original reply with the green checkmark to indicate solved, that would be great.

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yeah forgot to do that :wink:

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