Array iterators

Is there a site where I can go through numerous examples of array iteration? Not just a tutorial.

I would just google “javascript array iteration” and you’ll get tons of links describing all of the various ways to iterate an array.

Ive been doin that for the past 3 days on mdn and w3, lol. I need to do some actual coding. It’s too much information at once and the way they explain stuff confuses me.

you can open the browser console and practice

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I need example problems. I’m not creative enough to make them myself, at least not right now

which methods are used in linting software?

I guess I’m not exactly sure what you are looking for? There is nothing particularly tricky about iterating an array. There are several methods for doing it. Just create an array and then use various methods to print each element in the array out to the console.

when it comes to callback functions and return values and stuff like that, I get really confused. That’s why I’m looking for some examples I can go through

Thank you for responding. I’ll look online some more

So now you are talking about something completely different. I think maybe you should provide us with an example of what is confusing you and then we can help you understand it.


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