Array.join paramaters arents loading

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I keep getting returned and array without the “-” separator…

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var globalTitle = "Winter is Coming";

// Add your code below this line
function urlSlug(title) {
    let mutatedTitle = globalTitle.split(0);
    mutatedTitle.filter((title) => { return title !== '' });
    newStr = mutatedTitle.join('-');

    return newStr;


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Is this your code?
First it won’t work because:

  1. you have syntax error
    you have too many )
  2. mutatedTitle is an array after you split it, so this code won’t work
  3. why you use 0 for split parameter? It didn’t do anything.

yeah this whole thing is a mess. i’m starting over. i got lost. thanks for your help.

Also, split doesn’t change the original atrung but returns an array, so you need to assign its returning value to something