Array of strings of sentences. Sentences displaying in chronological order

Hello. I’m very new to Javascript. I took a class on coding using Processing code which is similar to Javascript but more simplified. It can be found on
I am trying to teach myself some Javascript to make that learning transition which I know I have to make. I already learned HTML and CSS.

I want to create a simple Javascript program for a specific purpose. I have a paragraph of text and I want each sentence to show up on the top for 5 seconds and then I want the next sentence to appear in it’s place, and then a new sentence in that same place, until the end of my paragraph.

This is similar to what news anchors read when they are reading the news to us. In other words I am trying to create the same effect, so I can read this off my screen one sentence at a time, while each sentence is being replaced.

I think I have to create an array with strings of sentences. And also I need a timer or a button so the sentences will change in the chronological order. Could someone please advise me on where to start and what materials I will need to go over to write this simple program?

Sounds like you have the right idea already. Go ahead and try to create what you envision. If you get stuck, we can help guide you to a solution.