Array vs Object

Is it a array or object ? I am confused.

Hey somen18,

It looks like it’s an object inside an array. Remember that an array uses square brackets [ and ]. Objects have key: value pairs.

How can I extract data from it ?

Actually, it’s object inside an array that’s inside an object. What exactly are you trying to extract?

Like gender,sport type etc.

It’s JSON data: JSON - JavaScript | MDN (
Also: Working with JSON - Learn web development | MDN (

Like people before me pointed out, its a JSON format, which is basically a string representing JS data(objects/arrays). It takes some particular methods to parse the data and be able to work with it. Once its parsed, you can use it as regular object/array notation. From the thumbnail, its one big object, which has a key named “teams” and that prop has an array value, which on its turn has an object as the first element with a range of keys. Accessing the parsed data, you could do something like- console.log(parsedData.teams[0].idTeam), which should return the value of 133604(this is the top inner value from the image).

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