Arrow syntax curly braces

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I had most of the solution, but I added curly braces AFTER the => and the tests failed. Can someone explain what the extra braces are doing that fails the test?

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const stats = {
max: 56.78,
standard_deviation: 4.34,
median: 34.54,
mode: 23.87,
min: -0.75,
average: 35.85

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const half = ({min, max}) => { (max + min) / 2.0 };
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Challenge: Use Destructuring Assignment to Pass an Object as a Function’s Parameters

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You are returning undefined

Without the curly braces, there’s an implicit return. But with the curly braces there’s no such implicit return statement for you

So, you have to explicitly state your return with curly braces


In other words, when it’s a single expression, just drop the curlies entirely.

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