Article Element Challenge Stays Undetected

Applied Accessibility: Wrap Content in the article Element

I replaced the div to article as asked of me, but the message still shows that I have div tags, even though there is not a single instance of div in my code. Is this a bug with the system or something?

My code

<h1>Deep Thoughts with Master Camper Cat</h1>
    <h2>The Garfield Files: Lasagna as Training Fuel?</h2>
    <p>The internet is littered with varying opinions on nutritional paradigms, from catnip paleo to hairball cleanses. But let's turn our attention to an often overlooked fitness fuel, and examine the protein-carb-NOM trifecta that is lasagna...</p>

  <img src="samuraiSwords.jpeg" alt="">

    <h2>Defeating your Foe: the Red Dot is Ours!</h2>
    <p>Felines the world over have been waging war on the most persistent of foes. This red nemesis combines both cunning stealth and lightening speed. But chin up, fellow fighters, our time for victory may soon be near...</p>

  <img src="samuraiSwords.jpeg" alt="">

    <h2>Is Chuck Norris a Cat Person?</h2>
    <p>Chuck Norris is widely regarded as the premier martial artist on the planet, and it's a complete coincidence anyone who disagrees with this fact mysteriously disappears soon after. But the real question is, is he a cat person?...</p>

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Challenge: Wrap Content in the article Element

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Welcome, vshamsi.

Your code passes the tests in my browser. Try completing the test in a different browser, and ensure you do not have any browser extensions that have access to

Hope this helps

Yep, I tried in both Gecko and WebKit browsers. Doesn’t work for me, some reason. What browser are you using, exactly?

It is passing in both Firefox and Chrome for me as well.

You might have to reset the challenge, clear the cache and cookies, and try again.

Agree, your markup is correct. I’d copy the suggestion to a text editor (atom or vscode), reset, and copy it back then see if it passes.