Article on How to create a Testimonials Box Component

Today I created a lightweight Testimonials Component which can be used on a personal website to showcase any testimonials you received from your past clients. I created an article where I explained in details how I created it. :slight_smile:

I hope this will be helpful for you as there is a Random Quote Generator project in the FreeCodeCamp curriculum and this project is very, very similar! :smiley:

You can also check it out Live on Codepen.

Very cool. I wonder if there’s someway you could check the max-height of the longest testimonial and use that information to prevent the box from resizing with each testimonial…

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Well… you could do that in the background, but then you still have to accommodate with the viewport resizing so that would require an onResize function call which is a little expensive for the browser… although with a debounce function you could improve it a little bit :slight_smile: