ASCII codes in Javascript (charCodeAt())

This is something I have been struggling for days with.

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I just found out that SLUG can only accept ASCII characters and some dashes, hyphens, underscores and nothing more. So / does not work.

So now I want to use / as ASCII code in my code below.
But how to do it correctly?

<% var title = post.title %>
<% var slug = post.slug %>
<% var sluglink = [titleInLink,slug].join('&#47;') %>
	data-slug="<%= sluglink %>"

Where it reads .join('&#47;'), I have to use charCodeAt() , but how?

Dec: 47
Hx: 2F
Oct: 057
HTML: &#47;
Chr: /

I don’t actually know SCHNACK or how it works, however, the word SLUG suggests to me that it needs to be url-safe. Only a few characters are url-safe. That’s the entire purpose of a slug, to represent the title in such a way that it can be used as a url. For example Perhaps this is by design.