Asking for feedback: Product landing page for Maginhawa Community Pantry

Please check my product landing page I almost gave up on FCC while doing this. It took me a while before having a grasp of how flexbox works. Also, I had to ‘cheat’ to figure out how to get the desired size for iframes.


Really good work. Looks good on mobile. Only feedback I have on design it decrease that drop shadow on your cards dramatically as it’s kind of a dated design technique. Make it very subtle if you have one.

Also try to use codepen so people can check your code easier.

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@rsheppard83 Thank you so much! I will put that in mind maybe go deeper into design techniques when I have time. :slightly_smiling_face:

Also your fixed header is covering the first part of sections when you click on the nav links.

Its really common issue first time anyone uses a fixed header.

Look into CSS property scroll-margin-top for your sections.:+1:

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Looks good but it is devoid of colour and there should be space before the Logo and after the navbar

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