Asking for help how to pass last test of Build a Markdown Previewer

How to pass the last test on Build a Markdown Previewer
I used this npm package react-markdown - npm
I don’t know how to pass the last test and what exactly is being asked of me I am kinda lost and don’t even know what to google is it even possible to pass the last test with react-markdown - npm . If anyone could point me in the right direction would be grateful.
Here is the site live
And here is the code fcc-projects/front-end-development/markdown-previewer-react at main · danijel374/fcc-projects · GitHub

Hi @danijel7 !

The error message gives you a hint to look into the docs for marked.js options

I didn’t use any packages for my project but you should still be able to use that answer from docs.

I installed wrong package had to uninstall react-markdown - npm then install marked - npm and try again , now i managed to pass last test as well, thanks :smiley:

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