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Hello , Iam Shyaka Chaste from Rwanda , I started a community called youth code camp. I am asking free code camp to give us free courses to put in our elearning. Thank you

All of our courses are free for anyone to use.

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Thank you , so can i add free code camp as we are partners? I want to put your courses videos on our elearning

I dont think so. but neverhelsess , you can add whatever you want , and take whatever you want, as long as you respect the licence :

As for the videos, if they are on youtube, anyone can copy video links from youtube.
you dont need anyone’s permission for that. if they didnt want their videos to be built in someone elses website, they’d make necessary changes for them to be seen on youtube only.


Thank you , for your support

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If you have the opportunity, you may wish to check out some of the freecodecamp podcast too. They are excellent, in my opinion, sources of inspiration and information.

You can always check out the forum for help, too.

Best wishes to you and your youth coding projects. :slight_smile:

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